Annie Sumi

Annie Sumi It was a real treat to have Annie Sumi play for us at Algoma House. Not only is Annie extremely talented, but she's also incredibly kind and a joy to be around. We really hope to see her soon. Annie's Website

Cold Lake Sun

COLD LAKE SUN It was really great having Cold Lake Sun play at Algoma House. Their full atmospheric sound fill our little venue and took listeners on a amazing audio quest. We can't wait to have them back! Cold Lake Suns Website

Danielle Pollari

Danielle Pollari Danielle Pollari put on an amazing performance live at Algoma House. Her amazing voice and incredible lyrics left the crowd wanting more. Danielle Pollari's Website

This Frontier Needs Heroes

This Frontier Needs Heroes This Frontier Needs Heroes puts on an amazing live show at Algoma House. This intimate performance had fans hanging off every word. This Frontier Needs Heroes Website

Tracy K

Tracy K Tracy K blows the Algoma House crowd away with her soulful sound. Tracy K's Website

Norman Sponchia

Norman Sponchia Not only is Norman an amazing songwriter he's also an incredibly supportive member of the Thunder Bay Music scene. We love listening to what Norm has to say both on & off the stage. We're always extremely excited to have him and we're proud to share one of his amazing songs with you


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