two crows for comfort


Two Crows for Comfort Two Crows Fro Comfort It was such a joy hosting Two Crows from Comfort at Algoma House. Their music is truly raw real and from the heart. We can't wait to have them back. 2 Crows Website

Jen Metcalfe

Jen (The Bent) Metcalfe Jen Metcalfe Jen is such an amazing person and a great influence in the Thunder bay Music scene. It was a real honour to have her perform live for us here at Algoma House. Jen's Website

Campbell Woods

Campbell Woods Campbell Woods We were so lucky to have Campbell Woods play a live performance here at Algoma House. His amazing story filled songs and smooth guitar playing were a real treat for our audience. We can't wait for Campbell and Tim Jackson to come back. Wood's Website

Tennyson King

Tennyson King Tennyson King Our good friend Tennyson King is back at Algoma House to put on another outstanding performance. His chill vibes and hilarious stories are always a hit here and we're so happy to have him back. Tennyson King's Website

Matt Flank

Matt Flank Matt Flank - Algoma House It was a real honor to have Matt Flank play for us at Algoma House. Not only is Matt extremely talented, but he's also one of our neighbors. This just goes to show that we've got a pretty amazing community here in Thunder Bay. Matt's Website

Annie Sumi

Annie Sumi It was a real treat to have Annie Sumi play for us at Algoma House. Not only is Annie extremely talented, but she's also incredibly kind and a joy to be around. We really hope to see her soon. Annie's Website


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