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Listening Room

There are countless bars and stages around the city where you can have personal conversations while bands are playing. These places are a huge part of the scene and by all means, we’re not knocking them. We just want to do things differently, which is why we describe Algoma House as a listening room..

What is a listening room you ask? Simple, it’s a place where those in the audience give their full attention to the artists on stage. This gives spectators the chance to fully experience upcoming Thunder Bay performances while giving artists the freedom to truly share their gift.

Intimate Performances

At Algoma House, we promise our audience the ultimate intimate music experience. That’s why we like to limit our upcoming Thunder Bay performances, 30 guests.

We believe that 30 guests is the perfect amount for spectators for our cozy living room. This gives everyone the opportunity to see and hear the performance, plus it gives audience members the chance to interact with artists.

Pass The Hat

Music should be for everyone. Not just the mega-rich, which is why we don’t enforce ticket prices. We do however ask our guests to respect our artist’s craft and pay what they can into a hat during or after performances. Supporting artists keeps them playing on and helps keep Algoma House going strong. So if you plany on coming to a show and you’ve got a $10 bill to spare be sure to bring it along.

Guest List

With such a finite number of seats available it’s best to get on the guestlist before its too late. To get on the list, simply send us an email and let us know you’re interested. If we’ve still got space, we’ll hook you up.

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