Damon Dowbak Quartet

Damon Dowbak Quartet If the Damon Dowbak Quartet challenged the devil to a shred off, I’m sure they would come out on top. Just saying these guys can play. Damon Dowbak's Website

Cat Jahnke

Cat Jahnke Cat Jahnke’s songs straight up take you to another world that you never want to leave. Not only is she super talented but she a real sweetheart. A true friend and musician for sure. Cat Jahnke's Website

Jimmy Breslin

Jimmy Breslin It’s a real treat to hear up and coming music from Jimmy Breslin. I can’t wait to have more secret shows like this. Check out Jimmy’s band Greenbank for more awesome songs and live shows. Jimmy's Website

Brooklyn Doran

Brooklyn Doran It’s always exciting when a good friend plays at Algoma house, especially when that friend is Brooklyn Doran. Check out her amazing songs and website below. Brooklyn Doran's Website

Midnight Vesta

Midnight Vesta The boys in Midnight Vesta are both super talented and super nice. Some of the nicest house guests this place has ever had. Midnight Vesta's Website

The Mayhemingways

The Mayhemingways The Mayhemingways are maybe the most chill road warriors the Algoma House has ever seen. The guys have mad skills both on the stage and on the highway. The Mayhemingways Website


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