Engine House

Engine House Everyone had a great time grooving out to the sweet sounds Engine House produced at Algoma House. Their high energy and unique style made it easy for audience members to get entranced by the music for the entire evening. Engine House's Website

Lou Kiss

LOU KISS Lou Kiss impressed everyone at Algoma House with his truly raw and real lyrics. His unique songwriting was a real joy to listen to.

Sunday Wilde

Sunday Wilde It was really awesome having Sunday Wilde perform live at Algoma House. Her awesome upbeat style had our audience grooving hard. Sunday Wilde's website

Tennyson King

Tennyson King Tennyson King puts on an amazing show at Algoma House. His chilled-out style and hilarious banter made for an amazing performance Tennyson Kings Website

Mackinley Oliver

Mackinley Oliver We went a bit off our norm when we had Mackinley perform magic, but after watching the video I'm sure you'll know why. Mackinley just plain kills it. Not only is he get at tricks he's also really funny. Mackinley Oliver's Website

Nolan Jodes

Nolan Jodes It was really great having Nolan Jodes play Algoma House. He was a really chill guy with some really heart felt songs. Nolan Jodes website


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